" . . . . you haven't been married until you've been married by Dorinda! . . . ."
Dorinda Hafner is a celebrity celebrant who is
trained and legally registered in Australia as a
marriage celebrant. 

Dorinda originally trained in Britain as a nursing sister and optician, and since immigrating to Australia mid 1970’s, she has been working in the media nationally and internationally for many years as a television personality, author, public speaker, motivator and chef.   She has met and worked with a lot of people and learnt from all walks of life; indeed she remains a perennial student of life who has by good fortune amassed a sizeable global following and continues to enjoy a respected and respectable public image.

As a celebrant, she brings rich experiences, quality and passion to harmonise with your special day for the wedding with a difference.    “You have not been married until you’re married by Dorinda”.

Her ceremonies are truly memorable! She is blessed with amazing joie de vivre and loves sharing with people. Let Dorinda work her magic with you and your guests to make YOUR special day one in a million!
  • Civil Ceremonies/Weddings
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Celebrity Weddings
  • Christening & Naming
  • Ceremonies African
  • Ceremonies & Libations
  • African American Ceremonies
  • Rites of Passage
  • Special Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Life Events, Cycles & Transitions
  • Change of Name/Business
  • Dedications of House/Business
  • Boat Launches
For all enquiries please email Natasha here   or use the form below.  Please include your important details to assist us in determining availability.
" . . . The most extraordinary Celebrant in the business ....."

Apart from the ceremony, legal aspects and her involvement with you prior to the wedding ceremony, Dorinda will supply her own basic sound equipment when required for the ceremony itself.  This is at Dorinda's discretion and not a mandatory part of the ceremony.  Not supplying it does not reduce the cost.

Please note:  Dorinda does not attend your reception as part of the ceremony.

Dorinda's attendance at your reception should not be assumed and will need to be negotiated and booked separately with her booking agent. 

Dates and times can not be held without a non-refundable booking fee.

Discounts can not be given due to the finite number of dates Dorinda is available for weddings.  Please respect this issue.

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